Who I am?

Mahleej Sarkari is a Pakistani Canadian citizen.Born into a Parsi-Christian family in Karachi, Sindh, Sarkari’s family emigrated to Canada during her childhood which is where she continued her education. Throughout her younger years she was a performer, and an entertainer and she followed her passion. She was first seen on City Tv show “Ed the Sock” where she appeared in a Bikini and raised controversy. She then continued by competing in fitness competitions and pageants. It was once again Miss Sarkari was in news for her controversial Statements regarding Former President Musharraf, when she won the title of Miss Pakistan 2007.

Mahleej also represented Pakistan at the Miss Tourism Queen International, leading her to appear on a Pakistani Show in Dubia. Where the purpose of the show was to portray Miss Sarkari as a bad women and was called “do number” by Nadia Khan the host.

Even after all the backlash Mahleej continued to follow her passion and worked in Pakistan with Ary in a reality show called “Desi Kurian” where she was also the winner. She has also appeared in various TV Adds,  Music Videos, and Talk shows.

After starting a family she chose to take a few years off to focus on her daughter. At the same time she has a huge presence on social media where she host her own show “Moonlight with Mahleej” on her Facebook Page. Where she interacts with her fans, reviews videos, speaks on taboo topics and give tips of dating.

You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat @mahleejsarkari.




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